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These days, many people are online sports betting. For most people, this is a way to raise additional revenue when they win this game of strategy and chance. So go to the sports betting sites and sports betting record books to wager online and try to beat the odds.

Although many people are betting with bookmakers, there are still plenty of them to get to be anxious about the legality of online sports betting. These people wonder if online sports betting is legal or not. The truth is that this question is a difficult question to answer, because you have to look at the law in a much deeper sense than just a plain paper stating things that are legal and which are not.

In a debate like this we must first discuss the Interstate Wire Act. It prohibits interstate sports betting through any wired device such as mobile. This law has some questionable points. One is whether the prohibition is limited to sports gambling or include other types of gambling. It will also hold in a court of law? There have been a case of two players and online casino credit card company that has been dismissed and therefore the application of this law can be more difficult than originally thought.

The second part of this law is clear is that was passed during the time gambling or sports betting among states was possible only through wired devices, such as phones. Placing bets through a wired device definitely makes you guilty of violating the Banking Law. The question is not clear is whether this law apply to online gambling or not?

Arguably gambling or Internet gambling are not covered by this law, although the Justice Department of the United States interpreted the law applies to all gambling activities, including those made online. This interpretation is right now challenged to see if it is valid.

After the dismissal of the previous case, the Internet Gambling Regulation Enforcement Act was proposed by Senator Barney Frank. This act is asking the government to legitimate Internet gambling. Stood how to how to regulate Internet gambling and how beneficial it is for the country. This means that the United States will receive several million dollars in revenue if online gambling is entitled because of taxes. Currently, this law is pending approval by the government.

As a result of these few arguments and many more that are not mentioned here, answering the question of whether or not online sports betting is legal or not, it will still take a lot of study and interpretation of the law. But for now, online sports betting is not legal in the U.S., but for a few states. There are many new proposals to legalize sports betting online, we can see a change soon because of the growing interest in this form of gambling.

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